Convert the Sketch design to Flutter code

For create a mobile App, I think the difficult point is how to create the layout! And Flutter is a very nice framework for create the cross platform app, it can easier for handle the layout and create a beautiful app.

But if you want to convert a PSD or Sketch design to Flutter, it also not a simple task, you need to cut the image and write the code for create the layout step by step, but now I will tell you another amazing tool for help to convert the design layout to Flutter code directly!

This is Supernova , and it’s a MacOS app, it can easy to export the Flutter project from Sketch design file, actually that not only Flutter but also native iOS, Android and React Native project, so this is a very amazing and powerful tool!

Sample Project

With Supernova, you can see the highlight code for the selected element, so you can learn to how to create the complex layout. But after I tried, I found that the auto generate source code is not very well, it will add more useless codes, so I suggest just copy some layout code for your project, and you also need to modify it.

But anyway, this is very helpful for developer and it will save a lot of time 😄

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