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Move the Risk/Reward Manager to ClickAlgo

I am happy to move my Risk/Reward Manager tool to ClickAlog website for selling, they can provide 14 days trial version, and I have fixed some bugs, if you are interested that you can...

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Avoid the cache data in ASP.NET MVC raizor page

The MVC view data cache is good but sometime we just want to reset the page’s value with binding Model, and you will find the value can not be reset, such link in a...

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New 2.0 version for risk reward management cBot in cTrader

This is the new version of the cBot that I created before! In this new version, it can set multiple take profit points and auto-detects them, and it can also set the break-even, let...

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How to create a gitlab server in synology NAS

There are several ways to create the gitlab in synology NAS, for example: install the gitlab app or install via virtual machine, but the gitlab app in synolog is not updated and it difficult...

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PinBar detector for cTrader

This is a PinBar detector indicator and I convert from the MT4 version (not convert by auto online tool)   1,740 total views,  5 views today

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Risk and reward management cBot for cTrader

I have created an indicator for risk and reward management, but that’s an indicator so can’t open the order, at this post, I will introduce a cBot version and you can open the order...

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Risk and reward management indicator for cTrader

You have to do the risk and reward management for each trading, otherwise you will difficult to win and control your money in the market! You can set the stop-loss and take-profit in cTrader...

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How to move the panel position in cTrader

We can’t drag & drop the panel in cTrader, but what if I want to change the panel position just like a drag & drop? ok, I will show you how to do that!...

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cTrader indicator for showing the trading information

I just created a cTrader indicator (base on this article) to display the trading information in a panel You can display the trading and account information in this panel: 1. Set to display the...

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