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Website Automation Health Check with Powershell

1. Introduction Website automation health check typically refers to proactively monitoring and testing a website or web application to identify issues before they impact customers. Today I will show you how to monitor the website uptime and auto login the website for checking.

How to support the JWT in Swagger UI

1. Introduction Swagger is an open specification for describing and documenting RESTful APIs, it is a standard specification and set of tools for defining, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services. It makes it easy to design, build, document, and consume APIs efficiently.

Creating the loading in Angular

1. Introduction Loading is essential in a website, it can let the user know the flow is processing, otherwise user will not know what’s happening. So, I will introduce an excellent loading package to help you solve the loading issue! 2. ngx-loading ngx-loading is a very nice and customizable loading spinner for Angular, there are...

How to create and use the custom Middleware in .Net Core

1. Introduction Middleware in ASP.NET Core refers to software components that are assembled into an application pipeline to handle requests and responses. They are configured as part of the request processing pipeline in the Startup.cs file. Middleware can help separate cross-cutting concerns from app logic for modular and maintainable code, so it is good for...

Use the SweetAlert2 in Angular Common Layout

1. Introduction SweetAlert2 is a beautiful, responsive, customizable, accessible replacement for javascript’s popup boxes, and there is also a version for Angular, you can find the detail usage in official website. But, the use cases in the official doc are just for use on one page, which means you need to add the same HTML...

How to create document with MkDocs

1. Introduction Documents are very important for a project, especially the company’s project. There are many Document Management Systems (DMS) in the market, most of them need to host a server for publishing and it’s complex to set up and deploy, so I think there are not my choice until I found the MkDocs :smiley:...