cTrader Risk/Reward Management Indicator

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Download “cTrader Risk Reward Management Indicator” CoderBlog-RS-Management-Indicator-1.1.algo – Downloaded 288 times – 5 MB

This is an indicator for risk-reward management, you can easy to set the stop loss and take profit what you want, you also can drag the SL & TP line to set the value:

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New Release:

version 1.1 :

It’s can auto change the order type. For example, when you try the Buy order,  if the SL line greater than current price, then it will auto change to Sell order and reset the TP line!

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  • Winson

    Sorry for the inconvenience, can you let me know whether the cTrader is freezing when you try to change the risk amount value? if yes, this is a bug and I have already fixed it, you can download and try again, thanks!

  • Lucas

    Now it’s fine but when I set entry and stop loss and I want to open order i’ve got message “This is an indicator and can’t open order. Go to get cBot…”

  • Winson

    Yes, this is only an indicator so it can’t open order, if you want to open order, please use the cBot version as below:



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