cTrader indicator for showing the trading information

I just created a cTrader indicator (base on this article) to display the trading information in a panel

You can display the trading and account information in this panel:

1. Set to display the period data (base on months) for total trades and success rate

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2. Set to display the account information (e.g balance, equity, net profit..)

3. Set to display margin information (e.g leverage, used margin, free margin, margin level…)

4. Can hide and show the panel

And you can set the parameters as below

1. Set the panel position with vertical and horizontal

2. Default to Show:  whether default to show or hide

3. Show Trading Info: whether to show the trading info panel

4. Show Account Info: whether to show the account info panel

5. Show Margin Info: whether to show the margin info panel

6. Data of Months: how many recent months of data do you want to show (e.g 3 for recent 3 months data, 0 will show all of the history data)

Click here to download!


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