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Use Drift for ORM in Flutter

1. Introduction Drift is a powerful database library for Dart and Flutter applications. To support its advanced capabilities like type-safe SQL queries, verification of out database and migrations, it uses a builder and command-line tooling that runs at compile-time.

Use the powerful theme framework in GetX

1. Introduction FlexColorScheme is a very powerful theme framework for Flutter, there is complete documentation and tutorials, and there are many existing themes that can be used, you also can design your theme online. FlexColorScheme is at its core an advanced ThemeData factory. It makes customization of ThemeData simpler. It does not expose everything you...

How the GetX easy to use in Flutter

1. Introduction Flutter is a powerful and cross-platform mobile app development framework, it’s easy to learn and build a nice user interface. But, if you are an experienced c#/Java programmer (it’s me~ ha ha), maybe you will be a little uncomfortable, because Flutter is a reactive programming framework, reactive programming is a declarative programming paradigm...
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