The impact of non-farm payrolls on gold

For online gold investingNon-farm payrolls are a subject that has to be studied (unfortunately, I have not studied it before ), so what are Non-farm payrolls? The so-called non-agricultural data, English: Non-farm Payrolls, also known as employment situation report, non-agricultural employment report, etc., is a data indicator that reflects the employment status of a country’s non-agricultural population. The so-called non-agricultural population refers to those office workers who do not work in farmland but engage in industry and commerce in cities. As a world economic power, the United States has an extremely important influence on the global economy, so the non-agricultural data that people often talk about now refers to the non-agricultural data of the United States.

The U.S. non-agricultural data is enough for ID Shares The U.S. Department of Labor’s detailed survey of American households and businesses involves more than 60,000 American households, more than 400,000 companies and government departments. The complexity of the survey project is amazing. The survey covered a total of more than 40 million people, accounting for almost half of the US non-farm employment population. Therefore, many data collection measures ensure the authority and authenticity of the data.

The release time of non-agricultural data is generally at 8:30 pm Beijing time (summertime: April-October) or 9:30 (winter time: November-March) on the first Friday of each month.

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As important economic data is released every month, the non-agricultural data truly reflects the latest employment situation in the United States, directly showing the economic performance of the United States, and is an important indicator to observe the social, economic and financial development. So this data has an important impact directly on the dollar:

Actual value > expected value == positive for the dollar (correspondingly, negative for gold)

However, the non-agricultural data is divided into actual value, expected value and the previous value. The relationship between these three will affect the change of the dollar to varying degrees, thereby affecting the market price of gold. The changes in these data can be summarized as:

When the number of new jobs increases, it is bullish for the dollar, bearish for gold

When the number of new jobs is reduced, it is bearish for the dollar, bullish for gold

According to Mr. Liu Tangxin’s non-agricultural data analysis gold method, the following rules can guide the short-term operation of gold:

  1. Announced value> expected value> previous value, significantly negative for gold
  2. Announced value > Expected value & Announced value < Previous value, slightly negative for gold
  3. Announced value> previous value> expected value, unexpectedly strong non-agricultural data, strong negative gold
  4. Announced value < expected value < previous value, bullish gold significantly
  5. Announced value < expected value & announced value> previous value, slightly bullish gold
  6. Announced value < previous value < expected value, non-agricultural data unexpectedly weak, bullish gold

According to the above gold analysis method, you can try to use the 5-minute candlestick chart before the release of the non-agricultural data. Of course, there are no absolutes in the world, and it is impossible to have a 100% successful trading strategy, as long as you set a stop loss!

As for how to view the released non-agricultural data, it is recommended that you go to the following websites:

This website can also easily set reminders. In addition to the non-agricultural data, there is also a small non-agricultural data (ADP) that can also be viewed on this website. The small non-agricultural transactions are basically the same as the large non-agricultural data, which can be said to be a preview. It is usually announced 2 days before the big non-agricultural!

The Chinese version:


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