New version 3.0 for cTrader Risk/Reward Management cBot

The new version 3.0 has been released!

There are some new features as below?

1.Show the label for stop loss and take profit line

2.Support set the auto take profit for pending orders. That’s mean you can set the auto TP for stop and limit orders, it will auto get the stop/limit order label:

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3.Support to use the Pips for auto take profit

4.Support to use the Pips for break even, and also can set how many pips do you want to do break even

5.Show the auto TP1,2,3 target line in the chart, it will not show all TP lines in same time, just can show one by one

for example:

show the TP1 first

after TP1 has been hit, then will show the TP2 line

and then show the PT3 line

when all TPs are done, it will remove the lines and you will find there are 3 TP orders in the history

And you can also set the difference color for each TP/BE line as below



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