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This is a bot for risk-reward management, you can easy to set the stop loss and take profit what you want, you also can drag the SL & TP line to set the value and open orders:


Please note that: This version only supports one broker, if you want to use with another broker, it only needs to pay $5 for each broker!



New Release:

version 3.0:

New feature for version 3.0

version 2.5:

New feature for version 2.5

version 2.2:

New feature for version 2.2

version 2.0:

New feature for version 2.0

version 1.2 :

It’s can auto change the order type. For example, when you try the Buy order,  if the SL line greater than current price, then it will auto change to Sell order and reset the TP line!


version 1.1 :

1) Add the parameter for set default to use a percentage of amount, if No then will use the actual amount by default


2) When hide the panel, it can just show one button to save more space:



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  • Winson

    I just tried seems everything is ok, and should be don’t need to input the postcode when you try to buy, so can you send me the check out page screen capture to me?

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